Tanggal Terbit: 04 November 2014

Simple, Basic & Fundamental Pattern in English

English has its own unique patterns. It differs from other languages. To understand the pattern (structure) of English Language, we should know deeply how simple, basic & fundamental pattern in English constructs. What I want to show you this time is how Indonesian people comprehend English pattern based on their dialectical district language, such as, Javanese, Sundanese, Padangese, Bataknesse and Baliness which have specific dialect in their communication.

The simple, basic and fundamental pattern which I mean:
  • Nominal Pattern, and

  • Verbal Pattern.

Nominal Pattern shows how words are constructed based on two main position; As a subject and a predicate. Subject tends to show who does the deed or action and, Predicate is the object of the doer. As an object, in this case,  is not object in its function/uses or position. It is the way for us to understand how predicate means to be.