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date: February 7, 2010


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KEY : Adjective clause  is a sub clause that has a function as an adjective. Adjective is to midfy a noun. So, what is a cluase?


Clause is devided into two parts, they are:

1. Main Clause
2. Sub Clause

Main clause is a sentence. This sentence can stand alone without a sub cluase. Main clause is commonly called " Independent Clause".

For examples:

She was waiting for me.
I read a lot.

The point is that a sentence (can be called as a sentence) must contain, at least, One subject and One verb.

For examples:

I go.
She is lazy.

Sub clause is a subordinate of a main clause. On the other hand, sub clause is one of parts of main clauses's elements. It can be the subject's, the object's or contains possession. Sub cluase can not stand alone. For this, it is called "Dependent caluse". It means that sub clause must need a main clause to stand.

For examples:

What I need is ....... (sub Clause)
Who lent me a dictionary is ..... (sub Clause).

Those sentences above can not stand alone or can not be used..

In Adjective Cluases, main clause and sub clause must be combined to build an adjective caluse. In this case, sub clause becomes an adjective (in Funtion) to modify a noun in the main clause.

 For examples:

The man who talked to me last night was my uncle.

The clause /who talked to me last night/ is a sub clause. and /the man was my uncle/ is a main clause.
Form the example above, we can see that a sub clause /who talked to me last night/ modifies the subject /the man/ of a main clause /the man was my uncle/. Something to modifies something is the function of an adjective!

Study this follows carefully!

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