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date: February 2, 2010


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USAGE: Adverb of Place is one of the adverbs in English which modifies a place. It cab be formed between preposition and a name of a place.

The prepositions which are frequently used are; *)

Note: *) preposition, basically, does not have a certain meaning. It is called “a structural-meaning word “.
To make it understandable, in this adverb of place section, the ‘meaning’ of the adverb, is interpreted like in the table above!

For Examples;

    Siti aminah sits beside the door. ( Siti aminah duduk disamping pintu.)
    ---> beside = preposition; the door = a noun as a certain place.

    Eva needs to take a nap in the bedroom.
    The man sees a thing through the window.
    Yaya stands between ali and tommy.
    Miss ada goes to mecca today.
    The thief jumps into the river.
    He runs fast along the beach.
    The cat is under the chair.
    The mouse hides on the cupboard.
    The old man goes outside of the hut under the rain.
    The pretty girl sits beside me.
    ( ‘me’ modifies the one’s body. And body is either as a noun or as a certain place. ) 

    Herman sleeps only in a diamond hotel.
    Delta English Course is in Karang Sanggrahan.
    Daus lives in depok.
    The bank is in front of the post office building.

Beside the formation above, there are two kinds of adverb of place which, basically,  do not need the formation, they are;

Here (Disini),There (Disana) Or,Overhere (disebelah sini),Overthere (disebalah sana) Or,Right here (disini) *), Right there (disana) *)

Note: *) the word ‘right’ is to emphasize or to stress the adverb ‘here’ or ‘there’.

For Examples;

Mr. Saipul stays here all day long.
The strange man creeps right here!

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