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date: February 3, 2010


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USAGE: The Past Continuous Tense is used to express something being done in a process of action or still going on in the past time.

For Examples;

    (+) I was writing a letter yesterday   
    (--) I wasn’t writing a letter yesterday
    (?) were you writing a letter yesterday?

The Past Continuous Tense usually concerns with the past simple. It uses the conjunction “WHEN” or “WHILE”.

Study this follows!

When I came in, the man was sweeping the floor. or,
While the man was sleeping the floor, I came in. or,
I came in while the man was sweeping the floor. or,
The man was sweeping the floor when I came in.

Notice that “When” is used before the simple past tense and “While” is used before the Past Continuous tense.

“I came in” is in the Simple Past Tense
“The man was sleeping the floor” is in the Past Continuous Tense.

Example in Dialog;

    A: Ali said to me that he went to your house yesterday.
        (Ali bilang padaku bahwa dia pergi ke rumahmu kemarin?)

        What were you doing at that time?
        (Apa yang sedang kau kerjakan saat itu?)

        and, Where were you?
        (dan, dimana kamu?)

    B: I was watching TV in my neighbour’s house when he came.
        (saya sedang nonton TV di rumah tetanggaku pada saat dia datang)

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