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date: March 28, 2010


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The changes that occurs with a word, say, a present verb into a past verb is the characteristic of English grammar. In this chance, we will discuss the changes of auxilliary from a present form into a past form which I call it "Transformative Auxilliary". Why Transformative auxilliary? Let's go to the point!


Most of Indonesian learners believe that /Form/ and /Tenses/ are similar. When they discuss about the changes, e.g. /will/ --> /would/ in a sentence like, /I should go/, They say that it is past future tense (they say like that because /should/ is a past change (not /Form/) of /Shall/. And, /Shall/ is a future auxilliary. This impacts in misunderstanding English grammar. They sometimes get confused to make different when Their English teacher discusses about it.

Let me say that Form and tenses are different. /Form/ talks about the changes of a word physically and creates both new function and meaning but there is no relation to certain time of speaking. /Tenses/ talks about a structure of a sentence which is related to certain time of speaking.

For examples:

You would help him.

The sentence above is in past future tense. We can say like that because there is an auxilliary /would/ and followed by bare-infinitive.

study this following illustration!

But when we change it into Interrogative sentence, the structure of past future tense is not different of Polite Request.

For example:

(+) You would help him. (Possibility in Past time)
(?) Would you help him? (Request)

As you know that Polite Request is not the same as past future tense although the pattern is the same. They have different and spesific case in discussion.

In the sentence above, an auxilliary /would/ is called "Transformative auxilliary. In other words, /would/ is transformed to make a new pattern which is different of the previous pattern.

Not all auxilliaries can be called as transformative auxilliary but Only "Appeared Auxilliary". Appeared auxilliary is some auxilliaries which can be seen in positive, negative and interrogative sentence.

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