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date: April 19, 2010


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In this pattern, verb is in Intransitive verb. This verb expresses complete sense (e.g. fly, burn, shine, cry, sing, dance, go, ring, rise, come, etc.) although no other words follow, eg. Object.

For examples:

The birds fly.
Fire burns.
The moon is shining.
The baby was crying.
The artists are singing.
He is dancing.
The bell rings.
The sub rises.

When there is a word follows, it might be an adverb of manner, place or time.

For examples:

The baby was crying loudly. (Adverb of Manner)
The man goes to Lampung every years. (Adverb of place)
He always comes in time (Adverb of time)

Take notice that the verb here must be in bare-infinitive.

The birds to fly. (False)
The artist is sing. (false)


Study This follows!

The man is an officer.
The leaves turns brown.
The students keep quiet.
The man in the picture is I (me).
The thing looks small.

The verbs which are used in the sentences above can be Lexical-meaning verb or Structural-meaning verb. For Lexical-meaning verb, The verb must be in Linking verb, such as, look, seem, appear, turn, grow, etc. Besides, we also can use "Become" and/or "Keep".

Complement here must contain a noun, pronoun, noun phrase or adjective. This complement is also called "Subjective Complement" because it represents the subject of the verb.


In this pattern we use a direct object after the verbs. The direct object here must be in Noun or Noun Phrase. We also can use objective Pronoun.

For examples:

I need the book (the book = direct object)
I need it (it=Indirect object)

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