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date: May 1, 2010


Belajar Bahasa Inggris Grammar & Conversation Lengkap

Study This Illustration Below!

When you meet a man at first time, you don't know who he is, where he lives and is he a new comer and will stay in your .. village or town. Then you need to introduce yourself to him and ask him something about him.

For example:

You : Hi! My name's Joe.
Tom : Hello. I'm Tommy.
You : Nice to meet you, Tommy.
Tom : Glad to meet you too.

From the dialog above, you can see that there is a kind of rule to know someone.

First is to say "Hi!" or "Hello" (Addressing people).

Second, Mention your name and he or she often does the same.

Third, Say that you are very pleased to meet or to know him/her.

The three steps is usually used when people want to know each other or to introduce themselves.

-Addressing People

-Mention your name

-Say that you are very pleased to meet him/her

The sentences which are used in the conversation are in Simple Present Tense.

Study this follows!

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