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date: July 17, 2010


Belajar Bahasa Inggris Grammar & Conversation Lengkap
Study this following dialoq!

June  : Morning March!
March : Morning!
June  : You look so busy today. What are you doing?
March : I'm doing my school homework.
    Can you help me with it?
June  : I'm afraid I can't. I'm having a meeting at 8.00 a.m.
    What about doing it tonight? *)
March : I think that's good idea.
    See you later, June!
June  : See you!
At the dialoq above we can find expression that states about something happening at a time of speaking.

note: *) Gerund after preposition /about/
I'm doing my school homework.

The sentence above is called : Present Progressive Tense. We use this tense when we would like to express something happen at a time of speaking or something that occurs at a time and still in progress.

The main pattern of the sentence is :

I'm doing.

The pattern is constructed by One personal pronoun which positions as a Subject, The present auxilliary /am/ ['m=am] or be-present and the present participle as a Verb of Progressive Tense.

Subject + Be-Present + Present Participle

Study this follows:

I'm having a meeting.

The word (having) here is derived from the verb (have). The verb (have) is usually used in Present Form (Have or Has). Have or Has depends on the subject (Have=I,You,we or They; Has=She,He or It). When the verb is used in Progressive Tense, the Have should be changed into Present Progressive => Having, not Hasing!.

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