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date: March 7, 2011

Cedal : A Case Of English Pronunciation

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Cedal (Java, Indonesia) is a kind of physical defect in a part of tongue - tongue is shorter than normal tongue as well mostly chinese that have the same short tongue. It influences one's pronounciation of / r / as a tap or as / l /. However, This disability even produces good effect in pronunciation.

My friend, Rizal Magug, one of Ganesya English College, in lampung province - Indonesia, in fact, can pronounce words fluently and native speakers who taught him said that his pronunciation is very excellent. In the long run, he got ten in pronunciation subject.

Considering the case, I am interested in writing in this page and discuss it here.

According to wikipedia.org, Cadel or cedal a person's inability to pronounce a letter, so it will pronounce a letter to other letters (the most common is to say the 'R' into the letter 'L', this phenomenon is related to en: Rhotacism). This inability is generally experienced at the age of the children. However people who experiences until adulthood. For mostly people, this inability is a weakness. The person who suffers from this physical defect feel down and his friends around him often insult him. When the class begins, he can speak English well as well as his pronunciation.

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