English Grammar In Focus
Learning English Grammar As A Foreign Language

date: March 19, 2011

Grammar In Focus

Belajar Bahasa Inggris Grammar & Conversation Lengkap
1.The Use Of Be
2.Command And Prohibition
5.Polite Requests
6.Question Tags
7.Degrees Of Comparison
8.Expressing "There is" and "There are"
9.Modal Auxiliary
11.Adverb Of Place
12.Indefinite Pronoun
13.Adjective Clauses I
14.Adjective Clauses II
15.Adverb Of Manner
16.Compound Noun
15.Transitive And Intransitive Verbs
18.Exclamatory Sentence
19.Passive Voice I
20.Passive Voice II
21.Passive Voice III
24.Conditional Sentence
25.Noun Clause
27.Direct And Indirect Speech
28.Participial Adjectives
29.Hidden Negative Meaning
30.Participial Phrases
31.Should And Had Better
32.Adverb Clause
33.Structure Of Preposition
34.Structure Of Adverb
35.Structure Of Adjective
36.Structure Of Noun
37.Transformative Auxiliary
38.Does Verb Agree At The Subject?
39.Direct And Indirect Speech II
40.Letters And Words
41.Modifiying Adverb Clauses
42.Uncountable Nouns
43.Phrasal Verbs
44.Subject Of A Verb
45.Been Vs Gone
46.Subjunctive Mood
47.Conflict Of Determiner
48.How To Pronounce English Words
49.Used To or Be Used To
50.Personal Information
51.More about (In)transitive Verbs
52.Omission of The Articles
53.Paralel Structure
54.Verb Pattern II
55.Verb Pattern III
56.Verb Pattern I
57.What's Wrong With /Be/?
58.Be As A New Sentence Builder
59.Question With No Auxiliary
60.Expressing Something Happen In The Past Time
61.Bare Infinitive and To Infinitive
62.Expressing Something Happen At A Time of Speaking
64.Adjectives And It Kinds
65.Can Vs Able To
66.Noun: Kinds Of Noun

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