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date: April 6, 2011

Omission of Articles

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Articles (a, an or the) is known as a determiner of nouns or noun phrases. However, we do not always use the articles. There are several rules where the articles can not be placed before the noun.

1. Before a common noun.Common noun is something which is used in its widest sense:

For example:
What kinds of flower is that?

/Flower/ here is a common noun. We then do not place an article /a/ before the noun /flower/.

2. Before the names of materials:

For example:

Gold is something that attracts most of women.
The princess wears gown which is made of silk.

3. Before Proper nouns:

For example:
Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia.

Notice that when the article is used before proper nouns, they become common nouns. (Wren & Martin, 1986).

For example:
He was the Napolion in his age.

Napolion is a name of a person. It should be a proper noun. However, when the article /the/ places before the name, it automatically becomes a common noun. /The Napolion in his age/ does not refer to the original name of Napolion but has changed into a public symbol of, e.g. hero, which describes how Napolion is in his age.

4. Before abstract nouns used in general sense:

For example:
Education is something urgent in human life.

Notice that when the abstract noun is used as an adjective in a noun phrase or adjectival phrase, article then can be placed.

For example:
An educational foundation should care of poverty.
I always remember the kindness of his treatment.

5. Before languages:

For example:
I am studying English. (see also number 4)

6. Before the name of institute, organization, etc.

For example:
I learn English language in Joesoft7 ComputerMedia.
I go to mosque every friday.

7. Before names of relation, e.g. father, aunt, uncle, etc.

For example:
My Father works hard all day.
Aunt never gives up.

8. Before predicative nouns which denotes a unique position:

For example:
My uncle Tom was elected president of PT.ABC yesterday.

9. In certain phrases, e.g. verbal phrases, idiomatic expressions, etc

For example:
He works day and night.
He takes breath after having been injected by the doctor.

10. After preposition which is followed by its object:

For example:
I can not sleep at night.

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