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date: April 17, 2011

Verb Pattern 2

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Verb Pattern 2
Subject + Verb + Complement

Complement is a word or more which is placed after a verb to make complete sense. The verb should not be in transitive verb. In this case or pattern, we will see that the verb "be", linking verb and the verb "become" will have complements  and be used to make a complete sense. In other words, complement will appear when the three kinds of verbs are used.

For example:

I am a nurse. (am, is, are, was, were, be)
She looks sad. (look, appear, seem, turn, get, go, grow)
He becomes an school gardener. (become)

See that, in verb pattern two, complement is placed after verb.
There are 3 kinds of Verbs which can be used in this pattern:

1.the verb "be"
2.Linking verb
3.Verb "become"

The verb "be"
"Be" is a verb when it is used in Nominal sentence and an auxilliary when it is used in verbal sentence.

For example:

She is lazy girl. (/is/ is the verb which becomes a vital of a sentence)
She is writing a letter. (/is/ is an auxiliary, It helps to build present continuous tense)

Linking Verb
Linking verb is verbs (e.g. look, appear, seem, go, get, turn, grow) which are used to link between the subject and the complement.
Linking verb has the same function as the verb "be".

For example:

You look pale.
You are pale.

That will be different of the verb /become/ which will be discussed sooner.

The verb "Become"
Become is a verb which can only be followed by a noun or a noun phrase after it.

For example:

I become a lawyer now.

Notice that the verb "become" is not the same as the linking verb in its function.
Linking verb must be followed by an adjective.

Compare these two sentences below!

1.I get angry.(/angry/ is an adjective)
2.I become a policeman. (/a policeman/ is a noun)

Study this follows!

I become sleepy. (Incorrect)
I get sleepy. (Correct)
I am sleepy. (Correct)
I become an artist. (Correct)
I become a famous actor in this city (Correct)

So, remember that the verb "be" and the Linking verb should be added an adjective after it and "become" should be added a noun or a noun phrase after it.

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