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date: April 18, 2011

Verb Pattern 3

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Verb Pattern 3
Subject + Verb + Direct Object

In this pattern, we will discuss direct object which is placed after the verb.

For example:

I post the letter.
She opened the window.

/the letter/ or /the window/ is the direct object. It is placed after the verb /post/ and /opened/.
Direct object is an object which indicates true relation to the verb. In other words, the direct object is a noun, pronoun or noun phrase which is directly pointed at the verb's target.

Study this follows!

I give the flower.
I give her.

The flower is the direct object. What I give is the flower. So, there is a tight relation between the verb /give/ and the object /the flower/. That will be different of the second sentence where the object is /her/. what I give is not /her/ but the flower. It is because the verb /give/ means to hand over (to somebody) without payment or exchange. (source: Oxford dvanced Learners Dictionary of Current English, A S Hornby, rev.Ed.1987). It means that the verb /give/ is related to a thing not man.

When the sentence /I give her/ is being spoken to somebody else, the meaning will be dangling. It ca not be understood enough.

Study this follows carefully!

I give her the flower.

The sentence will be the same as this follows:

I give the flower to her.

Take notice that when the flower is something to be stressed, the flower, as the direct object is placed before the object /to her/.

You also can say:

I give it to her.

Note: /it/ refers to /the flower/.

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