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date: April 20, 2011

Verb Pattern 4

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Verb Pattern 4
Subject + verb + Indirect Object + Direct Object    

In the previous discussion, we discussed what direct object is. Here, we will go to the detail and find out how direct and indirect object exist in a sentence. Verb is a very important element in a sentence. It can change and determine what color the sentence will be as well as IO (Indirect Object) and DO (Direct Object).

Before we discuss both obejects, we have to know that not all sentences can be added IO and DO. It depends on the verb. What types of verb?

The verb which is used in the sentence which has IO and DO must be certain verbs. The most important thing is that the verb must be in Transitive Verb. Transitive verb is a verb which can be placed one object or two after it and can be changed into the passive voice.

For example:

(Active) She gave him the instruction.
(Passive) He was given the instruction by her.

I tell him the issues.
I inform him my plans.
He shows me the way.
They give me a nice gift.

There are two kinds of patterns which contain IO and DO in a sentence;

1). Subject + verb + Indirect Object + Direct Object
2). Subject + verb + Direct Object + to + Indirect Object.

For example:

I tell him the story.
I tell the story to him.

Notice that, Indirect object should be in objective pronoun, e.g. me, him, her, them, it, you, us.

Study this follows! (where direct object can be as a pronoun or a full noun)

Give it up to me!
Give the book up to me!

Notice that when the direct object is written or spoken in long way (a full noun), it becomes less important.

For example:

Give it up to my uncle!. (Less important)
Give it up to him. (Very Important).

When the indirect object precedes the direct object, the indirect object will be stressed at the time of speaking or writing. This will be the same when the direct object goes first.

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