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date: April 23, 2011

Verb Pattern 5

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Subject + Verb + Direct Object + Preposition + Prepositional Object

Study this follows and compare to Verb Pattern 4!

I lend some books to her sister.

The sentence above discusses about Indirect and direct object in less important usage (read back VP.4). In this pattern (VP.5), we are going to find the additions (preposition and prepositional object). Preposition in this pattern is the same as in Verb Pattern 4. It indicates the use of indirect object.

Let's get back to the previous pattern!

I lend her some books.
I lend them to her.

In Verb Pattern 4 above, we can see the use of /to/ to show that indirect object is being used after the preposition. In Verb Pattern 5, we will emphasize the position of /to/ or preposition as prepositional phrase. Because the preposition is placed in the direct object, we may call it "Prepositional Object".

For example:

I lend some books to her sister.

When we see the bold part of the sentence, it is a phrase. Do you still remember the phrase? A phrase is a group of word, at least two words to make sense but it does not contain subject and or verb or predicate in it or that indicates it. Because of the preposition /to/ is combined to the phrase /her sister/ then it becomes prepositional phrase. Then when the prepositional phrase is placed in Object or Indirect Object position, it becomes Prepositional Object.

However, In verb pattern 5, we can use many kinds of verbs, e.g. lend, give, tell, promise, buy, make, sell, etc., and we can use other preposition beside /to/, e.g. /for/.

For example:

She lends it to my cousin.
The English teacher gives the homework to all students 2nd year.
I have bought a watch for my sister. (Wren&Martin: 305).

Take notice that we use this pattern when the direct object is less important or  when the indirect object  is longer than the direct object (Wren&Martin: 305).

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