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date: May 24, 2011

Verb Pattern 8

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Subject + verb + To Infinitive

In this pattern, I would like to say that the point of the pattern is in the verb and to infinitive.
What is "to infinitive"? To infinitive is a kind of verb. What kinds of verb is it and what is the difference between the verb and the to-infinitive? Well, the discussion turns complicated. Now let me simplify it.

There are two kinds of verbs in English fundamentally:

1. Bare-Infinitive (e.g. go, sit, think, etc)
2. To-Infinitive (e.g. to go, to sit, to think, etc)

So, do you know the difference between the two fundamental verbs?
See the picture below!

Verb pattern 8 wants you to place bare infinitive precedes to infinitive.

For examples:

She wants to know.
I try to understand him.
She begins to cry.
We would like to watch the film.
They decided to visit the museum.

This following sentence is wrong structure:

She to wants go.
She wants go.

Put /not/ before the to-infinitive when you want to make negation.

For example:

They decided not to visit the museum.

Finally, do you know the difference between the sentence above with this one below?

They did not decide to visit the museum.

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