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A Study Case of Indonesian Accent

Indonesia has many native languages, such as, Bataknese, Balinese, Sundanese, etc. It spreads out Indonesia's islands. This impacts the way of life and how to interact to other people specially in speaking.
For instance, when Javanese speaks Indonesian Language, they speak fluently but they have unique intonation and the way how to say something heavily. This, of course, makes English language looks stranger and hard to learn. 

Grammatically, their English structure is good enough but they usually use "Tobe" in every words they want to talk about.
For example:

He is study English.
They are students.
We is learn English.

In English structure, those are not good sentence. There are mistakes found. And, In this case, I would say that in details how it could be solved.


Actually, I have explained this in the previous lessons but one of my members send me request to write it again in this blog.
You will find "To be" in most of languages in the world.
For example:

He is a lawyer. [English lang]
Watashi wa Herman desu [Japan lang]
Das ist meine muter [German lang]

Bold letters/words are the to be. It looks the same in structure and the usage. However, it has their own structures and usages (In this lesson, of course, I would not discuss about other languages).

If you ask me what to be is and why it is used in English structure, I would tell you like this:
To be has its usage to build a sentence:
  1. As a verb
  2. As an auxiliary
As a Verb, To be helps to build a nominal sentence and, as an auxiliary, to be helps to build progressive tenses.
For examples:

As a verb

She is pretty.
I was so nervous.
Faradillah Nic is so kind. 

Take notice that you must add non-verb, such as, adjective, noun, noun phrase or adverb after the to be.

As an Auxiliary

She is studying English.
I am having dinner with my cousin.
Herman was speaking to miss Dillah.


Seringkali saya melihat tulisan dan mendengar percakapan dari beberapa siswa yang menggunakan to be dalam kalimatnya, akan tetapi tidak sesuai dengan kaidah kebahasaan Bahasa Inggris.

He is study English.
They are students.
We is learn English.

Penempatan to be didepan kata kerja /study/ dan /learn/ adalah keliru, oleh karena tidak sesuai dengan aturan grammar bahasa inggris.
Berikut ini akan dijelaskan singkat tapi langsung ke intinya, yaitu:

To be, dalam bahasa inggris, HANYA digunakan pada 2 hal berikut ini:
  1. Sebagai Kata Kerja.
  2. Sebagai Kata Bantu
Sebagai Kata Kerja
Sebagai kata kerja, to be ditempatkan di depan kata SELAIN kata kerja, yaitu: kata benda (noun), kata sifat (Adjective), prase (phrase) dan kata keterangan (Adverb).

She is happy (happy=adjective)
I am a member of a group (a member of a grup=noun phrase)
He is smart student. (smart student=noun phrase)
They are at hospital now (at hospital=adverb of place)

Sebagai Kata Bantu
Sebagai kata bantu, to be membantu pembentukan kalimat yang mengandung Tenses, seperti present continuous tense, past continuous tense, present perfect continuous tense, dan sebagainya.

Faradillah Nic is learning Visual Basic 6.0 now
Herman Nz was calling her last night.
Miss Titiek Rahayu has been staying here for three months.


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