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Tanggal Terbit: March 13, 2014

Speaking with Foreigner - Native Speakers


Do you speak English?

Speaking with native speaker is fun. We learn many things that we know. For beginner, speaking for the first time feels nervous and do not know what to say and how to express something even when we misunderstand what the native speakers talk about. Feeling nervous is normal. It comes from our real soul. It does not mean that it is bad. Everybody gets in through with this.

To reduce the feelings, we need relax and even though our English is not good enough, we try to do our best by saying "Hello" for the first time we meet. Just say hello even if we say nothing after that.


This is about how to start.

The solution is simple. Take care of our English and practice it as often as possible. By easy stages, we will get accustomed to. Without starting to say something, we would never be brave. The key is "start to go". Start to say. Say everything you wish even if you say, "Hello". That's a good start.

Next, you should increase your words, such as, "Hi Mike! Good Morning". In the following day, do the same and increase your words to be more than yesterday. Say that again: "Hi Mike! Good Morning! Are you busy today?" Just do the simple thing to start. You do not need to invite your friend in a deep conversation. 

Social Network

Since social network website nowadays exists and free, you can inbox him when he is not online. Leave the message and leave the inbox. I mean, close it. Check what he replies later. Do not straightly reply his question or talks, leave it for a while. Reply him when he is offline. This is for the start. When he says something you do not know what that is, you can look up your dictionary and find it soon. Is that good?

Well, when you are brave enough, use Google+ to make a chat or Google Hangout. That will be very fun and you will be interested to practice again and again.

Are you ready to go a try now? Let's do it!
Good Luck! ^_^

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