Basic English Grammar
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USAGE: There are three kinds of articles in English, They are, /a/, /an/ and /the/. They are recommended for noun only.
KEY-1: The articles /a/ and /an/ are used to indicate a thing/noun only in singular form but /the/ is both for plural and singular form.

For Examples;

    There is a man in the bus.
    I need a broom to sweep the floor.
    The old woman lives near  a river.
    The child likes to eat  an apple.
    He pays three hundred thousands pounds for  an orange.
    The ladies enter the special room.
    My uncle takes out the ticket from his wallet.
    The robber shoots the guards twice.
    A man is a couple of  a woman.

KEY-2: The article /a/ and /an/ is used to indicate unknown things or person (noun). It is also called ‘ indefinite article ‘. the article /the/ is used to indicate known things or person (noun) and it is often named ‘ definite article ‘.The indefinite articles means that the thing or the person is not known before by the speaker or he/she just wants to say it in general description. But the definite is known.

For Examples;

    I see a strange place in my dream.
    The student wants to study at  a university in Jakarta someday.

‘a strange place’ means that the ‘place’ is not known before. It includes the questions about where it is, and what kind of place that is. It is the same as ‘a university’. In this case, the speaker does not  know before about the name of the university even the exact place in Jakarta, or he/she just wants to say it in general description that the listener does not know it specifically. That will be different when the speaker uses the article /the/.

For Examples;

    I see the strange place in my dream.
    The students wants to study at  the university in Jakarta.

When the article /the/ is used in the sentences, the meaning will be different. ‘the strange place’ means that the speaker has known it before and, at least, he/she ever says or tells about it before to the listener.

KEY-3: Use the article /a/ when the noun has a front letter sounds consonant. And do use article /an/ when the noun has a front letter sounds vowel.

For Examples;

    The bus takes an hour to get to Semarang.
    The boy steals a mango from the basket.
    He is a student of a university of Indonesia.
    The farmer dreams an ox  to help him in the farm.
    My sister rides a horse excellently.
    His mother finds a book in the drawer.

When the article /the/ is used and meets a letter of a noun sounds vowel, the article /the/ will be pronounced “ / di / “, and will be pronounced “ /de/ “ when the article /the/ meets a letter of a noun sounds consonant.
For Examples;

    The university / de-‘yuniver(r)siti /;   
    the orange / di -oreinj/

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