Basic English Grammar
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USAGE: English Command is an expression to ask or to get something done by other people. Command has two patterns, they are Verbal Command and Nominal Command.


KEY: place a bare infinitive at the beginning of the sentence!

For Examples;

Stand up! (berdiri!/ berdirilah!)
Sit down! (duduk!/ duduklah!)
Come in! (masuk!/ masuklah!)
Come on in! (ayo masuk!/ ayo masuklah!)
Talk to me! (bicaralah padaku!)
Tell me! (beritahu saya!)
Go with me! (pergilah bersama/denganku!)
Love me! (cintai!/ cintailah aku!)
Help me! (tolong/bantu-lah aku!)
Stay with me! (tinggallah bersamaku!)
Get out! (keluar!)
Go to school! (pergilah ke sekolah!)
Go to sleep! (tidurlah!)
Buy me ‘sate’! (belikan saya ‘sate’!)
Come in time! (datanglah tepat waktu!)
Keep out! (menjauh dari sini!)

To make the command more polite, use “please” at the beginning or at the end of the sentence!

For Examples;

Please speak slowly! (tolong bicaralah yang pelan!)
Speak slowly, please! (tolong bicaralah yang pelan!)
Please sit down! (silahkan duduk!)
Sit down, please! (silahkan duduk!)
Please save me! (aku mohon… selamatkanlah aku!)


KEY: place “Be” at the beginning of the sentence! And use a non-verb behind it! Read more .......

For Examples;

Be careful! (ber-hati-hatilah!/ hati-hati!)
Be deligent! (rajin-rajinlah!)
Be silent! (tenanglah!/ diamlah!)
Be quiet! (tenanglah!/ diamlah!)
Be a good student! (jadilah siswa yang baik!)
Be at home soon! (beradalah dirumah/ pulanglah segera!)
Be on time! (tepat waktulah!)
Be aware of dog! (awas anjing!)

Study this follows!

Please be honest to me! (tolong-jujurlah padaku!)
Be honest to me, please! (tolong-jujurlah padaku!)


USAGE: Prohibition is an expression to warn other people not to do something. Or to forbide. Like in Command expression, Prohibition also has two patterns, they are Verbal Prohibition and Nominal Prohibition.


KEY: place “Don’t” or “Do not” before a Bare Infinitive!

For Examples;

Don’t do it! (jangan lakukan itu!)
Don’t lie to me! (jangan bohong padaku!)
Don’t enter the room! (jangan masuk ke ruangan itu!)
Do not follow me! (jangan ikuti saya!)
Don’t steal! (janganlah mencuri!)
Don’t go away from me! (jangan pergi dariku!)
Don’t leave me alone! (jangan tinggalkan aku sendiri!)
Don’t forget! (jangan lupa!)
Don’t move! (jangan bergerak!)
Don’t disturb him! (jangan ganggu dia!)
Don’t play truant! (jangan membolos!)
Don’t let me down! (jangan kecewakan aku!)
Don’t let him go! (jangan lepaskan dia!)
Don’t let her break your love! (jangan biarkan dia putuskan cintamu!
Don’t make me angry! (jangan membuatku marah!)
Don’t make me do it! (jangan paksa aku melakukannya!)
Don’t shout! (jangan teriak!)
Don’t read loudly (jangan baca dengan keras!)
Don’t trust him! (jangan mempercayainya!)
Don’t blame her! (jangan salahkan dia!)

To make a polite prohibition, use “please” at the beginning or at the end of the sentence!

Please don’t cry! (janganlah menangis!)
Don’t cry, please! (janganlah menangis!)
Please don’t shoot the bird! (tolong jangan tembak burung itu!)
Don’t shoot the bird, Please! (tolong jangan tembak burung itu!)


KEY: Place “Don’t Be or “Do Not Be” before a non-verb!

For Examples;

Don’t be lazy! (jangan malas!)
Don’t be crazy! (jangan konyol!)
Don’t be stupid! (jangan bodoh!)
Don’t be careless! (jangan ceroboh!)
Don’t be stingy! (janganlah pelit!)
Don’t be late! (jangan terlambat!)
Don’t be confused! (jangan bingung!)
Don’t be angry at me! (jangan marah padaku!)

When we would like to emphasize something forbidden to do, we can change the main element of prohibition structure by using “Never”.

For Examples;

Don’t touch her!
Don’t ever touch her!
Never touch her!

Beside the pattern above, we can also use this follows pattern!

For Examples;

No smoking! (dilarang merokok!)
No parking! (dilarang parkir!)

This follows is included both prohibition and command although there is no an exact pattern in it we can find because it warns everybody about something important to or not to do something when they read it, like;

Danger! (Bahaya!)

Study this following sentence and translate it into Indonesian language!

Speak to me!
Look at me!
Think it first!
Put it down!
Don’t waste your time and money!
Never see my daughter!
Try to speak English!
Keep your promise!
Don’t forget to come here immediately!
Be mine, shinta!
Don’t be naughty!
Never be right here anymore!
Close your eyes!
Keep writing!
Stop smoking!
Start to write down!
Keep your words!
Keep the baby!
Send this letter to the post office, please!
Turn off the light!
Pray dawn on time!

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