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Exclamatory sentence is a sentence which expresses sympaty, emphaty, frustration, likes or dislikes about something.

This sentence is different of Interjection.

Compare the two expressions below!

1. Alas!, Oh god!, Oh no!
2. How poor you are!

Interjection makes a short expression and doesn't contain the elements of a sentence (a Subject and a verb). In an exclamatory sentence, we will find the subject and the verb being used.

There are two kinds of Exclamatory sentence, they are:

1. Exclamatory "What"
2. Exclamatory "How"

Exclamatory "What" uses the question word /what/ to express the exclamation.
Because this type uses the question word /what/, the Object of /what/ must be combined of a noun or a noun phrase.

For examples:

What a bad day it is!
What a nice day it is!

Exclamatory "How" uses the question word /How/ to express the exclamation.
Therefore, /How/ must be combined to Adjective or Adverb of Manner.

For examples:

How beautiful you are!
How slowly you drive the car!

Take notice when the adverb of manner is used, a full sentence must be followed after the combination (How + Adverb of Manner).

Study this illustration below!


The expressions above is in positive sentence, not In Question, even though the question word (either /What/ or /How/) is used.

Compare these two sentences below!

How expensive your jacket is!


How expensive is your jacket?

Take notice that, when the question is formed, the /BE/ or the auxilliary must be placed before the subject /jacket/.

What about this one?......

Study this follows!

How fast you run!
How well you speak English!
What a day!
What a world!
What a poor old man he is!
How nice the orange is!
How hard you try!

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