Basic English Grammar
Tanggal Terbit: February 6, 2010

Exercises I

Focus : Simple Present Tense
Find the best answer by choosing a, b, c or d !

1. she never ... (telling/told/tells/tell) me a lie.

2. One of the students ... (comes/came/come/coming) late.

3. She ... (is/are/were/am) a good friend.

4. Both of them ... (is/are/were/am) good in English Speaking.

5. Mila and Tina always ... (get/gets/getting/got) along well.

6. A cat ... (is/am/are/were) a nice animal.

7. ... (do/is/are/does) you understand the lesson ?

8. I ... (doesn't/isn't/don't/am not) like a mango.

9. He ... (try/tryes/tries/trying) to fix the car.

10.Billy usually ... (go/goes/gos/goess) to school by bike.

Read this passage below carefully and answer the questions!

Hello, I'm Tina Nazaret. I am a lawyer. My friends call me, Tin. I live in Jakarta. My phone number is +62-81-226-974-187. I live with my family at Ahmad Yani Street No.123, Jakarta. I like playing guitar and piano. Sometimes I take my family to a restaurant in Kuningan Jakarta.

1. what is Tina? (a pianist/a student/a lawyer/a guitarist)

2. Where does tina live? (In ahmad yani/in jakarta/ in kuningan/in a restaurant)

3. What is tina's phone number? (+62-81-226-974-187/123/12343/4765859)

4. Where does tina take her family? (to kuningan/to jakarta/ to a restaurant/ to guitar)

5. What do her friends call her name? (Tina/tin/nazaret/tin nazaret

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