Basic English Grammar
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USAGE: To express something exists somewhere, we can use “There is” or “There are”. However, they have different rules.


KEY: Use “there is” when the noun is in Singular form.

For Examples;

    There is a book on the shelf
    (ada sebuah buku diatas rak buku)

    There is one man inside
    (ada satu orang pria didalam)

    There is an egg in the egg-basket.
    (ada sebutir telur di keranjang telur)


KEY: Use “there are” when the noun is in Plural form.

For Examples;

    There are three books on the shelf
    (ada tigabuah buku diatas rak buku)

    There are a hundred men inside
    (ada seratus orang pria didalam)

    There are 345 eggs in the egg-basket.
    (ada 345 telur di keranjang telur)

    Besides, we can use the Adverb of Quantity to indicate that the noun is in plural form, like;

    some/any, a lot of, much, a plenty of, several, many, a few, a little, lots of, two cups of, ten glasses of, three pairs of, etc.

For Examples:

    There are some flowers in the garden
    (ada banyak bunga di kebun)

    There are many people in the theatre.
    (ada banyak orang di bioskop)

    There are a few of dentists in the hospital
    (ada banyak dokter gigi di rumah sakit)

    There is a little of sugar in the cup
    (ada banyak gula di cangkir itu)

    There is a plenty of money in the purse
    (ada banyak uang di dompet itu)

    There are several gifts in the bag
    (ada beberapa hadiah/kado di tas itu)

    There are three pairs of shoes in the living room
    (ada 3 pasang sepatu di ruang tamu)

    There is a lot of coins inside his jacket
    (ada banyak koin didalam jaketnya)

    There are lots of members registered in the lobby
    (ada banyak anggotayang terdaftar di ruang lobby itu)

    There is little hair on his head
    (ada sedikit rambut di kepalanya)

    There is much orange-juice in my glass
    (ada banyak jus orange di gelasku)

To make a negative pattern, insert “NOT” before the Be “is” or “are”!, like;

    There is not anyone here
    (tidak ada siapapun disini)

    There aren’t some cookies in the box
    (tidak ada kue di kotak itu)

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