Basic English Grammar
Tanggal Terbit: February 3, 2010


There are two kinds of Infinitive in English, they are:

1. Bare-infinitive and,
2. To Infinitive

Both types are lexical-meaning-verbs. Bare-infinitive is a verb without using / TO / at it. e.g. go, swim, catch, run, help, think, wish, want, attend, invite, visit, discuss, etc. To Infinitive is a verb with / TO / at it. e.g. to go, to swim, to tell, to know, to look for, to call, to do, to hide, to begin, etc

The bare-infinitive is commonly used before subject, like:

She wants me to go (/Wants/ is bare-infinitive)

The to infinitive is commonly used before the bare-infinitive or at the beginning of a sentence to make a phrase expression, like :
She wants me to go (/To go/ is bare-infinitive)
To understand the book, you should read all pages. (/To understand the book/ is a phrase ---> infinitive phrase)

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