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Not all people like poetry. Most of them said that writing a poetry and everything concerned to it wastes time and money. They simply don't give appreciation to them and to the value of poetry.

Poetry had been born for a long long time ago. The biggest source and resource of poetry came from Arabic (that's what I - blogger - found from questionaires and interviews to qualified persons). However, some claims that french or united kingdom is one of the biggest contributor ( or poets ) of the arts of poetry with their different style and, spesially, in rhythms or stanzas.

For years, people who concerned to the poetry still argue about the definition of 'poetry'.

To define a poetry, someone must know exactly the history of poetry, motives and the functions in society as well as the style of poetry. To be an artist of poetry, someone should have a unique feeling to find something different inside of one's heart or one's mind. The combination between heart and mind will bear a huge power of art of peotry. This opinion is not always true. Poetry which was developed by old people around the world had born their style, uniquee, characteristic and spesific meaning inside the poetry. We simply can't claim that this poetry is from this country or that state. All depends on the condition and situation that influences the artist of poetry at that time - when he/she wrote a poetry.

Poetry vs Verse

To define a poetry is the same as to define how to create a sea or an ocean (this is not pesimistic opinion - blogger wants to say that it is impossible to discuss about the definition of peotry. What we can do now is to point out some essential characteristics of true poetry - Wren & Martin : 1989).

Verse is the form of poetry. On the other hand, poetry is the soul of verse and the verse is physically points out the body.

Without soul, body is like a statue, no essense and no existance. But, without body, soul will never be found. On the other hand, soul and body must be one as well as poetry and verse.

Parts of verse-form

1. Regular Rhythm

Do you ever watch when a man and a woman are dancing witha romantic instrument. Their style of dance is based on the beat of sound. This is the way of poets express their feeling in their poetry. When the beat of sounds reaches the high level with the same or the different  stress, interval, accented syllables regularly or even extreme, they swim and dive into the deep of their feeling concerning the message that they want to send to the listeners.

When the accented syllables in the first line are italicised, then the second syllable will be pronounced more loudly or emphatically than the others. (Wren & Martin : 400 : 1989).

2. Rhyme

Rhyme is the similar pronunciation in the end, like : keep and peep, jump and lump, late and hate, and low,slow,snow,know even no. Rhyme, sometimes, is not an essense of verse. This is just an art to express the poets' feeling. It colours the earth of the verse and nice to listen.

Internal ryhme

Internal ryme is a rhym which placed, not in the end of the line, but placed within lines and commonly adds music with a slight apparent acceleration of the rhythm.

For example:

"Through the air, the stolen purse was flying.
touch the deepest blind mind and empty 'betty'
this trap is held and felt, and wealth.
'till the baby rolled around and round like a round hunt!'
She lost her way till the edge of life.
Singing together with smooth and soft wind at night
without saying 'buts'.

Take notice that the expression /touch the deepest blind mind and empty 'betty'/, /this trap is held and felt, and wealth./ and /'till the baby rolled around and round like a round hunt!'/ are internal ryhme. Those are read like a drum with beautiful accelerative rhythm.


Stanzas is the pattern or the way verse written by the poets. This pattern looks like similar to the others. When the first line is ended by /a/, the second line or the last line of 4 altogether must include /a/. The use of this pattern doesn't disturb the soul of the verse. It even colours it and nice to listen. However, stanzas is only a kind of art in verse. When the stanzas is omitted, the soul of the verse will not fade away.

Most of the verses are illustrated like below!

In Indonesia, Stanzas is used in poem even it is the characteristic of Indonesia's poem.

Petani datang di hadang pedang
melintasi pematang sawah yang terbentang
pundak menyentuh di kedalaman sebuah landai
menggapai kesunyian yang terhalau badai

The pattern we can see from the poem above is like this :


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