Basic English Grammar
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KEY:Progressive is also called "Continuous". So, this tense is also called FUTURE PERFECT CONTINUOUS TENSE. This tense is used to express an activity that will be in progress before another time or event in the future. This tense emphasizes the duration of the activity. This tense also uses preword before the tense is expressed.

Study this follows!

1) I will watch TV at 9.00.p.m.
2) My uncle will come at ten.
3) I will be sleeping at ten.

From the situation above, we can see that there are two events occur at the same time (2 & 3). The future perfect continuous tense is expressed during one hour (From 9.00 to 10.00). Future perfect continuous tense will be said like this;

I will have been sleeping for one hour by the time my uncle comes.

The sentence means that both events occur at the same time but preceded by the sentence /I will watch TV at 9.00.p.m./ to emphasize the duration.

Study this structures!

(+) Subject + Will/shall + have + been + Present participle
(+) Subject + Will/shall + not + have + been + Present participle
(+) Will/shall + Subject + have + been + Present participle ?

For examples:

(+) They will have been learning for three hours.
(-) They won't have been learning for three hours.
(?) Will they have been learning for three hours?

Note :/won't/=/will not/.

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