Determiners is like an indicator that characterizes a word's function and existance. Determiner of noun is different of determiner of adjective. In other words, each of the determiners has its spesific uses.
Understanding Determiner is important because it gives us information about what kinds of word is spoken or written after that.

For examples:

My Home
A Car
Some books

The determiner at the phrase above is /My/, /A/ and /Some/.

/My/ is possessive adjective.
/A/ is an article or indefinite article.
/Some/ is an adverb of quantity.

From the example above, the determiners determine or indicate or give information that there are nouns after them. (/Home/, /Car/ or /Books/ is noun)

In this case, there are three kinds of determiners found from the examples. (see DETERMINERS OR MODIFIERS on a page in this blog).


1.Determiners will be in trouble or in conflict when there are two determiners in determining or indicating a word .

For examples:

This is my a book.

From the sentence above, there are two Different determiners (/my/ and /a/) indicating noun /book/. This is forbidden or false. We can not place two different or similar determiners to indicate one word. In other words, one determiner sets one word. You can say "This is my only book" instead of "This is my a book"

2.Besides, some of the determiners can be only used for, say, Negative sentence but used in Positive Sentence.

For example:

(+) I have some books.

(-) I do not have any books. (True)
(-) I do not have some books. (False)

From the example above, the use of /some/ in negative is false. Here, /some/ is only for positive sentence and /any/ is for either negative or interrogative.

Study this follows!

I will not come back here somemore.
I will not come back here anymore.
Some question? or Do you have some question?
Any Question? or Do you have any question?

3.A determiner can not be used to indicate a word which is not its spesific use.

For example:

I am very tired. (True)
I am very motivation. (False)

/Very/ is an adverb of quality and it is used to determine an adjective. From the example above, /very/ is used to determine the noun /motivation/. So, the use of the determine can not be accepted or forbidden.

4.Misunderstanding use of determiners.

Determiner can create a misunderstanding statement, e.g. I work day and night to create a beautiful painting. It's a tired work.

The sentence /it's a tired work/ can make someone who reads or listens misunderstanding. Perhaps, for artists, /tired work/ can be understood but for non artists, the phrase /tired work/ is hard to understand.