For indonesian learners, English language is a foreign language and it is urgently required to support other aspects specially to enlarge knowledges and sciences by reading, speaking, listening and writing. Most of students in Indonesia can not speak English well both spoken and written. Mostly experts and teachers focus on themselves to find the best solution for English Teaching Method for Indonesian Students and they say that there must be more effective English Teaching System. For that, they mostly spends a lot of money to find the best method in teaching English Language. This always occurs for years but, in fact, the improvement and betterment in mastering Foreign language specially English language is still far from what their targets. What's wrong with this?

Here, let me say something about the problem. /Method/ is different of /System/. Perhaps, experts know about this (I'm quite sure ...... .) and I do not say that most of them forget about the differences and I do not blame them when they find something wrong with their work. It's a matter of point of view and they have higher even the highest educative background to say, to decide and even to act something. But I myself never graduated from the Academy of foreign language or even from a University. I'm just a jobless man and try to do my best and do some simple research to find something necessary for other people about everything. In other words, I just want to share. To share what I know and what I think that this is good for other people who (really) needs it will make me comfortable and Well, I think this is only Little contribution which does not have effects at all. But I must say ... And For me, It is a Must. No buts!

Let's go to the point!
Indonesian students learn English language is started from Pre-elementary to Academy or University. When I try to calculate, say, there are 100 students who learn English language. They start from Pre-elementary to Academy or University. Here, I can predict that there are only few of them who can speak English well. Perhaps, It is about 10 % from 100 students. Can you imagine that? But, How can I predict that so? Do I have done some research for that? Well, I would say "YES!". So, What's wrong with it? Is there anything wrong with the students? teachers, perhaps?, or the method of English Teaching?.

It is true when the the teacher teaches English language, the teachers should know much about it and have a deep capacity about English. Besides, they have to be tested or examined whether they are qualified or not. 

Well, (it is hard to say but I must ...). In other words, They have to hold an English Certificate from qualified Academy or University. Besides, they must be tested either in speaking ability or writing ability. (Please, I do not say that my English is good even excellent).

Based on my research result, There are several things to think or to consider to get the targets (Students capability - Reading, Speaking, writing and listening) and those must be okay (qualified), they are;

1. Curriculum
2. English Teaching System
3. Teachers qualification
4. Students
5. Facilities

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