Basic English Grammar
Tanggal Terbit: April 15, 2010


Curriculum that has been running should be reformed and restructured because the result from the system has not been satisfied and we still have many learners in quantity but only few in quality. Output is the target. The target here is both conversation and writing capabality. We do not need formal system but no effective result. Senior high school students should have been able to speak both target. Because of directly applicable subject, English language should be placed in its position and its characteristic.

Here is the classification of applied subjects;

1. Foreign Language (spec.English lang.)
2. TIK (Computer)
3. Sport

Those three subjects should be managed and organized and separated from others like math, physic, history, etc. Because the subject needs deeper learning comprehensively. However, The three subject should be in core-subjects at school not additional subjects. This is important because the assumption will be different when the students find out that the three is only extra-curriculum, not core.

The English Teaching system must be placed as a priority in a classroom. Sometimes, facilities that has been prepared and provided by school management are not effective and waste a lot of money. Why don't they try another? such as, They go to some place and practise their ability once in a month. In A classroom, the system should be oriented to Target not the 'long life' process.

Teachers as a weapon should have related background of education. And the standard of Qualification should be based on the th achievement, not the score. Remember that score never guarantees for the teachers to teach as well as it should be, specially in Indonesia. For instance, the teacher should have, at least, S-1 in English Department and a certificate of English Proficiency (CEP). Although the teachers are qualified in education but no CEP in their hands, never take it! or the target will be blank!.

Students should be directed to focus on themselves in both capacity (Contextual Conversation and Writing). The activity should be directed in practice, not theoritical lessons. In Other words, they must be active and let them express everything they know in speaking or writing.

For years, Students must read a passage and understand it then answer some questions. (For me) this is a useless method! No effects! no Results! And waste a lot of money and time!. And the fact speaks up that this method never succeeds! Think about it! (Should I say that I AM a victim of the method?). Please, listen to me that everything will be all right when we listen each other. Look! I'm not an academy or even a university students! I just wanna try what I can do and do some trial-and-error. Why don't we try to ask the students to make or write a passage by their own word and do that intensively. Develop their writing till the target in writing achieved. Then, why don't we ask them to make a short dialog or conversation to practise their capacity in speaking. Let them speak freely!

Here is the step:

1. Speaking freely
2. Contextual speaking (2 sub steps)*)
3. Spesific speaking (Based on their level)

Note: *) Step 1 : Students make a sentence by using their own words or expressions but based on the teacher's contextual expression. *) Step 2 : Students develop the contextual speaking.

About 30 to 70 schools which have English Language Laboratory is not 'in good condition'. In other words, the teacher or the system of the school never use the lab. Wow! fantastic! .... How come? Let me say that most of the teachers are lazy to do that and (most of them) do not know what to do with the lab. How poor ...

Finally, I want to say that students are the key! They need to survive and want to be better for everything and everyone. Realize it! When you listen to the news around the world that there is one modern country, believe me that Only Education can realize it, not others (although others support and contribute as well). Never talk about the method but talk about the system!. So, focus on Education! never say 'Buts'! Long life Indonesia Education!

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