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It is a reality that education is the subject of main contributor to the progress of a nation. The style and essence of development depends on how education is managed as one of the goals of National Education as a whole. Forward the withdrawal of a nation lies in the level of quality filter, process and output of education. Education, as a driver and at the same time the barometer of progress, it is the fundamental thing that can not be underestimated and the concentration of objectivity of the nation should be led to the preparation, repair and improvement and development of educational patterns as essential and mandatory to be upgraded to their existence as container molding the next generation of religious development, eastern-culture, personality, reliable and ready to use and has a high selling power as both inside and outside the country.

For the purpose, process guidance and clear direction and instruction had to be realized early and continuous down to levels that are not limited to any form of research and findings that weight is equivalent to the quality and reliability of the output of other nations. And, this is a shared responsibility, especially the principals of education to make it happen consistently and commitment which the identity of this nation is at stake in the eyes of the world and internationally.

Effectiveness of education which reflects the essence of the filter, in the process of professionalism and quality in output that would be reflected into all aspects of the reality of life depend on past levels of education ie college, as a container of conventional education today. Therefore, the coaching process maturity thinking, self discovery, characteristics of expertise and professionalism in the actualization of the final specification from here and this was continued in the form of realization of the intellect and professionalism was the reality of life inside the container filled with even more intense competition in the era of globalization this. In other words, college is the end of conventional education and become a benchmark for the effectiveness of formal end of a national education plan.

The growth of universities in Indonesia that currently it is very encouraging.
Each side management and staff college is directed to work at a higher level and professionally in accordance with authority delegated to her style with the competition without any final destination with other universities to conduct trial and error and research as if it had resulted in berhujung and provide alternative higher quality of higher education in all its meanings. This means that competition in terms of quality of Indonesian education continued to show brightness, moreover, the public are increasingly familiar with and more sensitive in determining the type, the type and bonafides colleges where appropriate to deliver their children into a better future. Thus, a strong relationship between intention and purpose of the public inside and outside the country (in particular, parents) who becomes a mirror of national education and became the subject of analysis for higher education in determining the policy of quality programs as well. 

The Relationships of the three elements must be in the same direction and each elements is supposed to provide alternative options for the effectiveness of current policies and plans to become a reference for a better future plans. The quality of a college is not determined by the level of modernity of the facilities and infrastructure, but also a major factor in a more prioritized system that governs how the current educational process that is declared in the form of this output. The scope and limitations of the physical aspects experienced by some colleges that are still under construction and currently it should not become the main obstacle to the challenge will be the quality of their output. In principle, the reality is the reality of policy output and how the policy was to meet the demand (read : demand) a more competitive public. For that there should be a high performance at every level and authority of each party concerned and is open to define the factual and policy in order to have a high level of validity and in accordance with public demand. 

Bearing college that provides ready-to-work programs post worthy of study in college in ancungi thumb and this is one alternative in reducing the unemployment rate intellectual. But when we ponder and try to re-analysis of ready-to-work program is only limited reference to the public and are not mirror the real essence of higher education. The policy emerged when the nation was hit by the crisis of human resources ready to use and continue to inflate the unemployment rate in Indonesia which we can not possibly cover in a very short period of time. 

Universities and colleges are a gathering place for idealistists in science and knowledge. This idealism must lead to endless research for students post-learning in higher education. Independence does not develop without the urge for knowledge and knowledge of idealism. Once again, there must be other educational ideals in terms of appropriate research studies each program that will stand up and become the vanguard of national educational success in Indonesia.

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