Basic English Grammar
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The article will be omitted:

(a) Before a common noun used in its widest sense, as;

Man is mortal.
What kind of flower is it?

(b) Before names of materials, as;

Gold is a precious metal.
Cotton grows in India, America and Egypt.

(c) Usually before proper noun, as;

China is a modern country.
Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, not Bali.

Notice that when the article is used before proper noun, they become common nouns, as;

This man is a second Newton.

(d) Before Abstract noun used in a general sense, as;

Wisdom is the gift of heaven.

Notice that an abstract noun, when iti is qualified by an adjective or an adjectival phrase or clause, may have the article, as;

The wisdom of Solomon is famous.

(e) Before a name of Language, as;

We are studying English.

(f) Before the words like, school, college, bed, table, prison, market, etc. When these places are visited or used for their primary purpose, as;

I learnt English at school.

Notice that /The/ is used with these words when we prefer to them as a definite place, building or object rather than to the normal activity that goes on there, as;

The school is very near my home.

(g) Before names of relation, like father, aunt, uncle, etc.

Father has gone to Borobudur temple now.

(h) Before predicative nouns denoting a unique position, i.e. a position that is normally held at one time by one person only, as;

He was elected President of Indonesia.

(i) In certain phrases consisting of a preposition followed by its object, as;

At home,
in hand,
at noon,
on earth,
on foot, etc

(j) In certain phrases consisting a transitive verb followed by its object, as;

to catch fire,
to send word,
to lost heart
to leave home, etc.

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