Basic English Grammar
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Understanding something or discussion is needed by students. Looking for as much information as possible to enlarge capability and skills becomes priority. Most of students take a course or training to prepare themselves to go to university or a better job in the future. When I established PUSPIRA (PUSAT PENELITIAN ILMIAH REMAJA) or students club for scientific research in Bukit kemuning, lampung province, Indonesia, only 17 girls joined. I had prepared it for long time and took time to learn all the things to establish it to help students to enrich their insigts, knowledge and science. I just hope that they can use it for their own needs.

However, it had stopped. It ran during 3 months. No activities left and I really left it without knowing why and It was because I had other personal problem which I couldn't avoid from it. Well, I was so green at that time.

PUSPIRA is a group of students, say, a club, which has some agenda to enrich students capacity specially in increasing their knowledge and insights. What I have done till now is Reading method for better comprehension. Here, the reading method is not how to enlarge knowledge from or after reading a passage of lesson. However, this method is to increase students' capacity specially increase their inteligency. How is it?

Let's go to the point!

There are steps to pass by. All steps must be obeyed to reach the highest objectives. The steps are expressed below!

Step one:

What you have to do for the first time is to read deeply something, say, a passage. The passage has a title, say, "Best Method Of Reading A Passage". When you read this title, begin at the word /best/. What is /best/? and what is /method/?, what is /reading/? and what is a /passage/?.

Here, you must interprete it one by one and word by word as deep as possible. When you read /method/, for instance, you have to direct your attention to what method is actually and why the word is used, not others?

After that, you have to think, in what aspects, the word is used. When you find the difference, find out why?
In other words, in this step you have to find out the word in its details which includes;

a)What's the meaning of the word?
b)What's the meaning mean?
c)Why must use the word?
d)Is the word also used to other discussions? and Why?
e)Is there some differences between the word in first title and others?
f)If there's a difference, why? What is it about? and why the author or writer uses the word for his or her discussion.
g)So, Where is the word usually used? in what aspect? and in what way?
h)Describe and express as detailed as possible for it?
i)Make a conclusion of the word world you have already found out.

Step Two:

After that, you do the same with others, like "reading". Then you relate the previous (method) word to others (reading) in one phrase or one full meaning, say, "Method of reading". And answer these questions;

a)Why the word /method/ is combined to the word /reading/. What will author or writer send to us as his or her reader? And why?
b)Find the alternatives of possibilities of what the author wished.
c)Find out! Is there something else which discuss the title or the topic?
d)Is there other authors discussing the same topic? IS there similarity in one aspects or more? and Why?
e)So, what does /method of reading/ mean? and why?

Step Three:

After that, open up the book that has the title and find the table of content then read it carefully. What is in it? and imagine what else you can find inside the book without reading all pages.

Step Four:

Open up the book and read it .... Is there similarity to what you have found on your previous thinking. If you say "Yes!", It means that you have something uniquee even incredible in your brain!.

Take time to practise this method regularly and continuously without interval you have. Find the best time to practise. For example, you can start or continue your practice every three days a week or As many as you can. the more you practise the more you get!

You know something? 17 students reached their best targets at school and their daily acitivities. Now they have built an incredible brain that they never had before.

Have a nice try! and Good luck!

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