Basic English Grammar
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There are many ways to express something in English.

For example:

What's your name?

The question is to find information about one name of a person. Besides, we can say other expressions which will be discussed below.

1. To find information about NAME:

What's your name?

When you use the expression, It means that you really don't know one's name.

Are you Mr....?, or
Are you miss ...?

This expression is used to guess whether the name is in the blank (you fill).

Could you tell me your name?, or
May I know your name?

This expression is the same as /what's your name?/. But, it is used to find out one's name politely.

Nice to meet you Mr ....

The blank in this expression is one's name but not mentioned by you. Here, The name will be mentioned by someone you address.

Your name please.

This expression is used when we register or check in and should fill in the form of registration. It is said by the staff of registration, e.g. receptionist or reservation staff.

2. To find information about PLACE OF ORIGIN:

For examples:

Where are you from?
Where do you come from?

Both sentences, actually, are used in the same way. It's a matter of the structure.

Besides, you can say;

Where were you born? (Asking for A Place of Birth)
Do you come from Malaysia? (Try to guess)

3. To find information about JOB:

For examples:

What are you?
What do you do? *) (Common usage)
What's you job? (Common usage)
What's your occupation? (Formal)
What's your Profession? (Formal)
Are you a doctor? (Try to guess)
Who do you work for?

Note: *) This question is to find out the title of one's occupation, e.g. doctor, secretary, etc.
But when you say: "What do you do there?", the meaning will be different. The addition of the word /there/ is to find out more information about what exactly one does in a company, e.g. To Assist General Manager in negotiation, to report annual cash flow, etc.

4. To find information about ADDRESS:

For examples:

Where do you live?
What's your address?
Do you live in Way Kambas - Lampung?
Whereabouts in Jakarta do you live? *)

Note:*) This question is used to find out more information about the spesific place in one region.

5. To find Information about HOBBIES:

For examples:

What's your hobby? *) (Singular but general), or
What are your hobbies ? (Plural)

Note:*) You can answer the question for more than one hobby.

For example:

x : What's your hobby?
y : My hobby is swimming, playing kite, reading a novel and watching TV.

Besides, you can say;

How do you spend your leisure/spare time?
What do you usually do in weekend?
Do you like collecting stamp?

Take notice that when you speak or say something or find out one’s information, you can use many ways you like but think of the situation affected when the speaking takes place.

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