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How To Enrich Your Vocabulary

One of the biggest proglems in learning foreign language, specially English language is memorizing words or
vocaabulary. I myself had got the difficulties and try to find the best solution to handle it over. Memorizing some words or phrases needs "extra-energy" and there are so many learners complained about it. Sometimes we remember, sometimes we forget and it is annoying. By doing trial and error, at last, I find the solution! And in this opportunity, I would like to share or give you some tips to.

This following steps must be in order to achieve the highest result:

1. Read Loudly

For some learners, in reading a passage or something, often read reading without reading it loudly. This
could be a barrier in learning foreign language specially in memorizing words. By reading loudly, the magic
of memory will be forced to remember whatever we read and lips adapt to say the same words or expressions. Therefore, When you read a story or a reading, you should read it loudly.

2. Practise Words or Phrases

If you memorize one or more words in a day then you should build a sentence which contains the word you
memorize. (don't forget to speak it up). By placing a word in a sentence and practising it frequently, you
will not only memorize a word, but also master the word in context. Remember that a word has two main parts:

a). Lexical Word
b)  Structural Word.

Please click here to learn about the two above futher.

3. Expand Words or Phrases

After that, you should find partner to practise a word which has been a sentence to your partner. Find the
higher level partner than yours. This could motivate you to achieve the highest target in memorizing words
or expressions. Do not try to speak your own language. Speak in English wherever you meet him or her and
force him or her to do the same. My students say that, after doing the three points above, she (retno) can
memorize more than 3000 words and expressions in 2 weeks. Perhaps, you could do more ...

Please send me a question if you have trouble with this tips at :
subject: Q4 -title of this lesson-
Good luck!

I'm sorry for this inconvienient. The details of this lesson will be coming soon.

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