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Online English Class (on-e-class)


ON-E-CLASS or Online English Class is a program originally designed by Joesoft7 ComputerMedia located in Dsn.Karang Sanggrahan, RT04, Plosogede, Ngluwar, Magelang 56485 - Central Java - Indonesia and presented to all non native speakers as well as English Learners around the world who wants to learn English Language via net or online. On the other hand, this program is under licence of Joesoft7 ComputerMedia and everything correlated to the management, operational or system in On-E-Class is legally copyrighted in 3 January 2011. On-E-Class focuses on 3 main targets. All students’ activities or programmes should go to the 3 main targets to achieve the highest target in Writing English Well.

On-E-Class Final Target

On-E-Class Final Target is Writing. Here, Writing Process or Learning becomes priority that all OEC (On-E-Class) learners must achieve. IIn line with the process, Speaking ability is also given (for non native speakers).

3 Main Target

Reading and Listening
Class and Program


12-18 years class
19-22 years class
23-27 years class
28-35 years class
36-40 years class


Sunday Meeting (Webcam should be set on)
Quiz and Puzzle for fun
Writing a passage
Structure Exercises
Go on a picnic online

How To Register

Register yourself Online (Fill in the blank required!)
Find and select your class
Select your payment method
Confirmation of Registration


This Program will be immediately launched on 2 Pebruary, 2011.Please Contact our Staff of Administration to find futher information at : or call us at +62-81-226-974-187, att.hour : at 9.00 a.m.

Head Office:

Dsn.Karang Sanggrahan, RT04, Plosogede,Ngluwar, Magelang 56485, Central Java - Indonesia

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