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Tanggal Terbit: March 15, 2011

English For Flasher

Welcome to English For Flasher! I don't mean to make you shock for the articles now. I can say that this is not a lesson. This is made in relation to some people who knows me as an English instructor in my village who asks me (about English lessons), like a "flasher". Why Flasher? Have you ever seen a flash, sometimes it comes suddenly and fades or goes aways in other time.

Here's what happen actually, yesterday when I was sitting in the living room and reading a daily afternoon newspaper, my neighbor, Jimmy, asked my about English.

Jimmy : Hi Herman!
Me : Hi!
Jimmy : I wanna ask you something 'coz my son asked me about English lesson that I never know what that was.
Me : What did he ask you about?
Jimmy : What is "-Ing"?
Me : Oops! Where do I have to start to explain it then? (thinking hard ......)
Jimmy : Can you help me for that, herman?
Me : Sure, jimmy! Come to see you son! I'm going to explain him what that is actually. (smile .....)

A question which suddenly arrives in my lawn has made me to build a new blog which will answer the questions like that flash. It's a flashing question then.

Because this page is concentrated to English grammar only, the flashing grammar will be discussed in other place. Therefore, help me because I have to help my neighbors and other people who have the same questions or something like that state.

Besides, the blog which I name "English Flasher Zone" or EFZ will be a interactive blog and visitors or flashers can leave a message by writing in the comment about the question submitted to me. I do appreciate for Jimmy's question. I just don't know how to start but in the long run, I get the solution.

English flasher zone is not only for formal learners but also for all background learners who wants to ask about something around English Lessons. And, I hope this effort can help you.

To visit the English Flasher Zone, please click here. If you find the page is under construction, please be patient and you can still submit your questions. If no questions found in my page, I will post the common questions which I usually find in the street. Have a nice day, Jimmy and all!

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