Perhaps, there will be a contradiction when I launch this title: "English Grammar vs English Speaking".  For native speakers, the differences will be something ... like a joke or a clown. I can't believe in the statements, like "Learning English Conversation is better than English Grammar .." or "Speaking is the most important things instead of writing or learning English structure which is full of formula or something (they said) annoying. Oops!. What a world ...!

What exactly happen then?
Learning English will be automatically directed to 4 things:
1. Listening
2. Speaking
3. Writing
4. Reading

I'm not talking about the method of teaching English here, I mean .. which one is better? Listening is the first or speaking?, writing is in the end or reading? Well, Absolutely not. But one thing that I want to emphasize to you in this chance is, we'll be like a clown when trying to compare the two main subject; Writing (grammar) or Speaking?.

Open your eyes!
Writing has its own world as well as speaking although both of them have tight correlation. When we talk about how to speak English fluently, we can not avoid from the sentence building which has a uniquee structure and to make us use it as a language. In other words, Talking about writing is automatically talking about speaking and let me say that again that talking about speaking will be correlated to something that sometimes we need to write with it.

Indonesian English learners and even a teacher or an English instructor mistakes this assumption. There must be something to take them into a real world of English. Well, Actually I'm tired of talking this but I have to and, once again, It is a must. Why? In order to make it clear and clarify all the things about English Learning without being confused what we or they are learning about.

Why English Grammar? see... grammar in focus
This blog concentrates to discuss about grammar only although you, perhaps, still find something wrong or trouble in spelling or missing word or unknown expression grammatically. But let me wake you up that learning English grammar is uniquee (at least, for myself and team of authors). Everybody has their own focus - their own job. Just do what you can do and learn to live and do not live to learn. Look at yourself and find that there's something wrong with you and you should say in a good manner to everyone without accusing or to blame who's right or wrong.

Just focus on your job!
Learn English both speaking and writing!
Good luck!