English writing is an activity of writing something in English structure. This can be a passage, a story, a poem or a personal diary. When we write a sentence in English, as a second language, that will be hard to do. Writing activities needs more energy instead of speaking. In speaking, we just know everything in mind and express it orally which can be listened to someone else or listeners. In writing, we also meet readers and check if we write well or not.

Learning English grammar which is full of rules and formula, sometimes, takes a lot of time to understand  because of varieties found in grammar lessons. In Grammar, we will find 16 tenses, verb-patterns, parts of speech, regular or irregular words, figure of speech and many things. This, sometimes, makes us bored and tired.

In this opportunity, I would like to invite you to discuss English Writing in concerning to lexical meaning word and structural meaning word. Actually, this discussion had been done in the previous lessons. But I think it is good to repeat again and to encertain whether we have understood this lesson or not. To understand English writing or written English, we need to know two main things:

1. Lexical meaning word
2. Structural meaning word

Lexical meaning word
This word can be a verb, a noun, an adjective, etc. Lexical is derived from lexicon which has the same meaning with dictionary or something related to dictionary (Herman, 2009). On the other hand, lexical meaning word is a word or more which has a clear or certain meaning when we look up or find it in a dictionary.

For example:
book, go, write, help, hard, beautiful, change, leave, tell, house, a cat, well, etc.

When we classify, the lexical meaning word will be found in;
1. noun
2. verb
3. adverb
5. pronoun

Besides, Lexical meaning word can stand alone and has its own meaning (lexicon) and clear for everyone.

Structural Meaning Word
Structural meaning word is a word or more which does not have a certain meaning in the dictionary. This can be a "be", auxilliary. preposition, conjunction,etc
In this following terms are some structural meaning word:

1, Preposition
2. Conjunction
3. Interjection
4. articles (a, an and the)

Those words above can not stand alone. For example:

I cut the paper.
I am cut the paper.

The be  - /am/ - is the structural meaning word. here, the be /am/ can not stand one without other elements. The two sentences above is different in meaning.

I cut the paper.
/I/ is the doer and /paper/ is the object/

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