Parts of speech or English Parts of Speech is words, which are classified, which are used in expressing a sentence or even interjection expression. Each of the parts is not all used in a full sentence. It depends on the speakers and the message conveyed. There are over thousands of words in English and Experts classified the words into parts to make it easy, regularly, learned by all learners as well as learners as their second language.

To define the parts of speech, experts and other resources has their own point of views. has unique explanation about parts of speech instead of defining it.

"........... When we want to build a house, we use concrete to make the foundations or base. We use bricks to make the walls. We use window frames to make the windows, and door frames to make the doorways. And we use cement to join them all together. Each part of the house has its own job. And when we want to build a sentence, we use the different types of word. Each type of word has its own job". See more ..

According to says that parts of speech is a "Traditional grammar classifies words based on eight parts of speech: the verb, the noun, the pronoun, the adjective, the adverb, the preposition, the conjunction, and the interjection". See more ... defines that parts of speech is a traditional term for the categories into which words is classified according to their functions in sentences:

    * Nouns
    * Pronouns
    * Verbs
    * Adjectives
    * Adverbs
    * Prepositions
    * Conjunctions
    * Interjections
    * Articles, See more ...

According to, words are classified into 8 (eight) parts, e.g. nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections and articles. These parts are different of others.

From the definitions above, parts of speech is words *)classified into certain parts which two or more parts are used in English speaking.

Parts of speech then consists of 8 parts:

1. Noun
2. Adjective
3. Adverb
4. Verb
5. Article
6. Conjunction
7. Preposition
8. Interjection

                                                                         Note: Words here is, for instance, book, table, men, room, eat, some, of, and, etc, which is unlimitted and different of "Parts" which is some of the parts of speech.
Each of the parts has its own definition and explanation. Click the links to find the discussion.