There are many methods and strategies in teaching English. For English teachers in Indonesia, as a second language, English language teaching is its own challenges because teachers have to deal with so many systems, traditions, behaviors, culture and styles and require ongoing research. All native systems, of course, interfere the system (method) of teaching English. Teachers should pay close attention to both regional culture and the English subject. These two should go together to reach the teaching targets.

Reading English curriculum which is designed to achieve the best target, for English teachers, is something simple instead of implementing it. Teachers is not not only required to teach based on the curriculum but also more than that. In other words, teacher must be more creative to do trial and error and some research to find the best solution in related to achieving English teaching target.

Teaching high school students is easier than kids. Kids is spesific. Their world, psychology and ideas must color the way they learn, listen and implement what their teachers ask them to do. There must be a spesific treatment and strategy to teach them.

Teaching Strategy.
Teaching in the classroom, perhaps, is common routine for the teachers in teaching English. One of the best strategies that I have been doing for almost eleven years is teaching outside or outside the classroom. It has contributed 15% to increase students achievement in English subject.

4 advantages of teaching out the classroom:
1. About 99,9999%, people like something new (atmosphere)
2. Students get more relaxed.
3. Easy to find the object in teaching
4. Free of charge

Teaching outside the classroom is something new in Indonesia. Mostly learners like something new, when it comes, curiosity arrives by itself. Besides, the material and object of learning, say, tree and its details, are easy to find specifically to enrich texts or vocabulary.

Here, students can take some relevant books and find the place near to listen to what their teachers talk about. Teaching outside is more relaxed and free of charge.