Have you ever translated your documents or articles by using Google Translate? If yes, what's your opinion? are your articles good enough? is there something wrong with the result of the translation. Do not blame google for the translation. It's just a machine and needs you to give it feedback by submitting your suggestion.

Translating is a kind of process of exchange languages, e.g. from Indonesian to English or vice verse. In this opportunity, I want to give you some tips to go with the google translate. I just want to give you little contribution that I think it is good to try by all 3nglish7's subscribers and all English learners as a second language.

As a second language, English has its own unique characters, either in structure/grammar or pronunciation. Sometimes we tend to force other languages to be the same as ours. The language patterns or structures must be different from one language to others.

Indonesia, for instance, has many native languages and mostly English learners get frustrated in using google translate. This article is the answer for the problem. Here, I will give you description about how to translate your language into English or vice verse. I pick Indonesian language for this experiments because I am Indonesian. And, I hope this could be such a comparison for you as non Indonesian.

Now, let's pick a paragraph to be translated.
For example:

"Kemarin aku pusing banget. Abis ngerjain PR matematika nih. sendirian lagi. Si Amir udah kutelpon berkali-kali buat mbantuin aku nyelesain tuh PR. Eh, malah gak dateng!."

Then copy and paste the text above in the google translate or click here. Do not forget to set the system of translation from Indonesian to English and see carefully the result! bang! You suddenly get angry and frustrated, right?

What's the matter with the translator machine? is google translator error? The answer is "NO" but you are error! (smile ...). The text above is picked in the daily comment. It's called "dialectical native language". Google is not human even god. It's just a machine! m-a-c-h-i-n-e! Because we are foreigner for google translate and also learners of English language; therefore, the structure of the pattern should be the same as English structure.

Now let's fix the text based on English structure.
For example:

"Kemarin aku sangat pusing. Aku mengerjakan pekerjaan rumahku sendirian. Aku telah menelpon amir berkali-kali untuk membantuku menyelesaikan pekerjaan rumah ini. Tapi, sayangnya, dia tidak datang."

And this is the result which I guarantee 95% good translation!

Yesterday I was very dizzy. I do my homework alone. I had called amir many times to help me finish this homework. But, unfortunately, he did not come.

Why 95% not 100% ? Should I tell you again? Okay. Google translate is just a machine. From the result above, there is only one mistake found, i.e. /I do my homework alone/. This sentence should be /I did my homework alone/. The difference is only /do/ and /did/. It's a matter of tenses. So, Google translate can only guess about the grammar. But, at least, the frustration can be avoided, right? Do you follow me?.

Have a nice try!
Good luck!