Subject + Verb + Noun/Pronoun + To Infinitive

I'm happy today because I have time to upload this pattern (Verb Pattern 8). I'm so sorry for not attending in this "Forum" to continue the lesson for I have so many things done on time. And thanks for your patience.
Now's time to continue the lesson.

In Verb Pattern 8, we have known what Infinitive is. Here, we will use it again with little difference of pattern.
In this case, we do not place the to infinitive after bare-infinitive. We then place it after Noun or Pronoun.

For example:

I want you to believe in me.
I asked you to go away.

From the example above we can see that /you/ as a pronoun is used between the two different types of verb.

Bare-Infinitive + Noun/Pronoun + To Infinitive

The placement of Noun or Pronoun there means that Subject needs someone or something to do something. In other words, There must be something done with the noun or the pronoun. As you know that Noun or Pronoun here is the object of verb /want/ and /asked/.

Then you can use this pattern to have or to get someone to do something.
Take notice that, in Verb Pattern 8, Subject does the deed and the object becomes the target of the subject.

Let's see that again!

I want to tell you something.

In the sentence, /you/ is an object. and the subject /I/ is the doer or someone who does the deed.

What do you think about this sentence?

I have my hair cut.

Please give me the explanation of the sentence by adding a comment below!