Learning English as a second language gives specific challenge. As a foreign language, you need to prepare everything before you go to the point. In this chance, I will give you some simple tips to start from the stratch:
  • Find English Speaking Forum
  • More interactive to speak English orally what you do or act (about past, present or future moment)
  • Write in English sentence style:
    • For Example:
      • Speak to everyone by adding /subject/ always in every sentences you make.
      • Get accustomed to auxiliary or question word when you make an interrogative or a question.
      • Use modal auxiliary as much as you can.
  • Find someone or closed friend who has the same purpose (Practice).
  • Keep watching on TV (foreign program)
  • Don't be lazy to write difficult words or phrases and pronounce them clearly.
 (Note: Next lessons will be more briefly).