I do appreciate for all visitors or readers that visit to my simple blog to learn English Grammar. Therefore, I would like to say that There must be something improved in content and in all aspects in this blog. And, In this opportunity, let me please introduce you my new program that I call this "English Class Online".

To assist all English Learners, English Class Online (ECO) is suitable for English learners that don't have much time to go to or learn at convensional english courses or university. From here, you can Learn English At Home and share with your own group.

This program is not derived or taken from others because we have different in practise and different in tests. This is a Grammar Class Online. Here, we just focus our lessons and discussions on structure or sentence building. 

To join this program is very easy and free. All the things that are included or programmed are free for registered members. Therefore, invite your friends to be a goup which consists of, at least, two members or person in one group or five. Five members for a group is better because the concentration of discussion and assignments will be effective to reach the highest target we wish.

This is an introduction page which will be followed by another to make you clear in understanding this program. If you find something mistakes in this page or in this program and you have some questions, please let me know by sending your message to oshinmc@gmail.com and I will be pleased to return your msg as soon as possible.

So, Invite Your Friends and Build Your Own Group!
This program will be soon realized on April 17, 2010
Grammar Classes Available:

1. Pre-Beginner

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So, Take time to learn English at your home with 3nglish7.blogspot.com

Please Visit me later to know much about this program. Have a nice day!