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Grammar In Focus

Learning our own native language particularly a foreign language, for some reasons, gets difficult and sometimes it needs more energy, time and money to spend. Learning English Grammar is like doing something with math subject which is full of formula and the rules that learners must obey. Otherwise, the target in perfection in the subject will be in vain.

Why Learn English?
English language is an international language which is spoken by 70% non or native speakers in the world places English language is a primary subject at school and this is supported by courses which established to train or to learn English out of school as formal education place. This state, actually, produces English speakers with spesific needs and purposes. However, all programs and plans, in fact, achieve nothing and perhaps, only 20% the formal and non formal education reach. Therefore, we can find more than hundreds of programs and sites which offer the same program and to train their students to be able to speak English language fluently. Why? As an international language, English is spoken and supports friendship or relationship and to run business, to enrich insights and many more useful things to reach.

English Grammar In Focus
This simple blog is dedicated to all learners as second language to learn English Grammar In Focus and accepts all questions, suggestions or just a comment to develop and to make this simple blog perfects in order to help learners to learn English for free and online.
This blog does not talk about how to speak English or how to make a nice conversation but this blog gives you one or more tips to achieve your targets. Why? Because the destination where learners of will stop for a while is to master English Grammar and to be able to write English, such as, a story, prose, passage or articles even a letter well.

Still In Focus! almost changes the purposes of launching this simple blog and after hanging around, decides to stay in this topic. This decision is taken because of the requests from learners around the world to stay cool in English Grammar.

To prepare all the things and to make this blog is full of lessons, we, the team of 3nglish7.blogspot's authors, spend a lot of time, energy, thought and money to help visitors to find lessons accurately and based on visitors' or learners' demography and needs. Therefore, 1 dollar or more would be very useful to support our research and to write best articles concerning English grammar. This blog which contains lessons or articles is free to distribute and to read. We are so pleased if you put 3nglish7.blogspot's links on a strategic place in your blog or relevant websites.

In the future, hopes that lessons published in this simple blog will be the same as your requests and your needs to learn. Therefore, you can send your email at to request the lessons for free and to suggest everything to the authors as well as to the owners of this b

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taken from: Every languages has its own uniqueness as well as English language. In English grammar, structure points to h...

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