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How To Write A Simple Passage

Writing a passage will measure our skill in

reading comprehension

Sometimes we find it difficult how to make relation each paragraphs into one idea. Here, you will learn how to write a simple passage:

1. Decides what topic will be written.
2. Find the suitable title for your topic.
3. Write main idea for each paragraphs

Let's do it~!

At first we decide the topic, for example, "What we usually do in the night weekend". And then try to find the suitable title for the topic, say; "Playing chess in the night weekend".
Here's the main idea for each paragraphs:
  • make a phone call to my classmate, Rudi
  • In his house
  • Playing chess with him
  • Going home
The forth points above is the main idea which will become a mirror of the whole paragraphs.

Here's the illustration!

Playing chess in the night weekend

I stayed at home in the night weekend. I didn't have a plan what to do and I really feel bored of watching TV alone. Then I called my classmate, Rudi, to invite him to play chess.

He agreed and I took the chess board with me and went there by bike. His house was not so far. It was about two hundreds meters and I finally reached his home in five minutes. He addressed me as soon as I got there and let me in.

Then we played chess together. You know that playing chess is one of my hobbies. I enjoyed playing it and I always won the game.

When I looked at my watch, It was about 10.15 p.m. and I felt sleepy. Rudi knew that and offered me to sleep in his bedroom but I said that I had to help my father in the garden in the early morning. After saying goodnight, I finally went home.

From the simple passage above, the italic sentences or expressions are the main idea of each paragraphs. This only needs your creativity to extend the main ideas.
The passage can be more extended when we have a lot of imagination about the topic. Here, you can choose for free what topic and title will be written in your own passage. The selective words or expressions will beautify your passage.

Now's your turn to practice and good luck!

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