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KEY : Noun clause is a sub clause which is used in the same ways as a noun.

As you know that there are two kinds of clauses, they are:

1. Main Clause
2. Sub Clause

Sub clause can not stand alone or be a full sentence (Simple Sentence). Main clause is a full sentence and can stand alone without sub clause. On the other hand, sub clause is dependent and main clause is independent. However, sub clause is not parasite (laughing ..... ).

In the previous discussions, I have already discussed that sub clause is needed to give more information to the subject or object of a verb in main clause. Read More ...... .

For examples:

His book
is expensive.

The subject in the sentence above is /his book/. But when there are many kinds of books near him, we don't know which book is expensive. But when we say, like :

What he is reading now is expensive.

In the sentence above we finally know about which book is expensive. It means that the expensive book is not on the shelf or on the table, but in his hands now /what he is reading now/.

So, Noun clause is a sub clause which is functioned as a noun and give more information about.

Study the sentences above carefully!


Your focus is in Sub Clause. I mean that you should concentrate yourself to take notice of sub clause first.

Sub clause is made of a slice of bread (laughing ......).(Now I'm Serious .....) Sub clause is formed from the combination between Question Word, e.g. what, where, who, whose, etc., and A Full Sentence.

Take notice of this illustration below!

Whatever question word is used doesn't matter at all because the most important thing is that the sub clause (where there is a question word being used inside of it) can substitute or become a Noun or the same ways as a Noun. When question word is added, more information about the noun will be created.

For examples:

What he said is important.
I don't know Where he lives.
I wonder if he wants to go at it again.

These following Conjunctions/Question words can be used to form sub clauses:

- When
- Where
- Why
- How
- Who
- Whom
- What
- Which
- Whose
- Whether or if
- That
("Bahwa" In Indonesian Language)

Now Find and Change the nouns below into sub clause:

1. My pet is dead.
2. The policeman asked me to show my driving licence.
3. Yesterday he found many mistakes in the report.
4. He caught a lot of fishes.
5. She still remembered his duty.

You can submit the answer in ASK-GRAMMAR   then I will check your work and announce it as soon as possible!.
Good luck!

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